Michael Powers

Michael Powers is a wrestler signed to WWE Working on ECW Revival.


Michael Powers came on the first ever ECW Revival show at the end with a group of masked people... all were masked except them. He took out Kevin Nash at the end of the show with his group of masked people. This was stopped by Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan though. The following night, it was revealed by Twitter that the group of people was Heath Slater and Husky Harris. Michael then proclaimed himself the leader of ECN (Extreme Championship Nexus). Micheal would then go onto earn a future ECW World Championship Match defeating RVD. After the ECN lost at WrestleMania to Stone Cold, Shawn Micheals and Kevin Nash, Michael was fired by Tiffany, it was announced his contract was picked up by Smackdown.


Finishing Moves

Powers Bomb: Toe Stomp then a high impact powerbomb (usually into a turnbuckle or ladder or something leaned up)

Diving Backhand Chop


Signature Moves

Springboard Headbutt

shot with a foreign object

DDT off top rope

Diving School Boy


Double Underhook atomic drop

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