Match Number: Competitors & Results: Stipulations/Conditions: Additional Details:
Match #1 Big Show def Curtis Axel(w/Ryback) via DQ None Ryback and Axel attacked Big Show, injuring him.
Match #2 Ned Edgewalker & Nults McKagan def Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins None None.
Match #3 CM Punk def Ryback(w/Curtis Axel) None After the match. Adam Rose debuted to challenge Punk to a match at Payback.

Match #4

John Cena def Randy Orton None None
Match #5 (Main Event) Jacob Cass(w/Triple H) def Damien Sandow None

Triple H delared Cass was the new WWE Champion due to Blaze's injury, but Paul Heyman announced by his order the title would remain vacant, and at Payback, Cass would fight for the vacant title against Bad News Barrett.


Adam Rose debuts After Punk defeated Ryback, Adam Rose debuted, and challenged Punk to a match at Payback. When questioned why, Rose claimed "What better way to make an impact, then to defeat the Best in the World in his hometown?"
Kurt Angle return promo.
Jacob Cass & Bad News Barrett confrontation. Cass claims he is the true WWE Champion, but after Paul Heyman declared he would face Bad News Barrett at Payback, Cass attacked Barrett backstage, putting him through a windshield.

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