Matt Andrews

Ring Name(s):

Matt Andrews







August 30th

Resides in:

Toronto Ontario,Canada

Billed from:


Trained by:

Lance Storm

Bret Hart



Matt is a professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, who appears on its RAW brand. 

Independents (2004-2011)Edit

If you thought the EntouRage happend in the WWE well your wrong because in ROH John Daniels may never told you this but on a following show of ROH John Daniels fought MASADA and Emma,Ollie Anderson,and Matt Andrews attacked MASADA and John Daniels did the 450 splash and had MASADA out for the 3 count and Jim Cornette signed Daniels,Emma,Anderson, and Matt that same show and they had won the tag titles the same show from Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards and they had recived a couple calls from WWE and they won their last match in a loser leaves match but they we're in a 1,000$ tag team tournament and lost it and then they left in 2011 to go to the WWE.

WWE 2011-presentEdit

Emma,Matt Andrews,John Daniels, and Ollie debuted in the WWE and they we're drafted onto ECW Revival except for John Daniels he was on raw and Daniels was the only person to go to a outsider promotion if TNA ever got bought and longest reigning champ but he was striped of the title due to not fighting in TNA with it then Daniels got drafted to Smackdown and the EntouRage reunited and they helped John Daniels beat up Abyss and help Cena retain the WWE Title and then the EntouRage kep on failing to help Daniels win matches.

In WrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • DCDROP (Reverse Piledriver: could break neck also)
    • Bycicle Kick
  • Signature Moves
    • Perfectplex
    • Moonsault
  • Entrance Theme
    • Team Canada 2011-present

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