The New NexusEdit

Mason Ryan Custom Titantron 2011 w House Show Theme (The Last Days)01:18

Mason Ryan Custom Titantron 2011 w House Show Theme (The Last Days)

Mason Ryan would debut in WWE in early 2011 as a member of the New Nexus, helping CM Punk defeat Jim Logan. After many sneak attacks, and later disbandment of the New Nexus, Ryan would suffer an injury from Randy Orton which kept him out of action most of the summer.


Face Turn and ECW(2011-2012)Edit

Ryan would return as a Face defending Zack Ryder and Air Boom(Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne from Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Ryan would then defeat Swagger and Ziggler each on 2 occasions. At Vengence, Ryan was put in as a last-minute substitue for Kofi Kingston, hitting then-champion Dolph Ziggler with a Ryan Rush before Ryder pinned Ziggler to win the title, and afterword, shook Ryder's hand. After months of dominating jobbers, Ryan would get a US title match for TLC 2011 from Zack Ryder.After rarely appearing on TV, Mason "signed" an exclusive contract with ECW Revival as a face being attacked by the ECN. Mason would go on a 12 match winning streak over the following 2 weeks, defeating local jobbers and teaming with Delirious to defeat American Perfection. After WrestleMania, Ryan would assist Truth Frenzy in defeating American Perfection, hitting Swagger with a "House of Pain".

Heel Turn(2012)Edit

Ryan would turn heel attacking R-Truth. After months of Inactivity, Ryan would be assigned as a bodyguard for Dolph Ziggler.


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