The Kurt Angle/Rock rivalry is a long-standing feud between Kurt Angle and The Rock and has been contested from May 2012 - August 2012.


Before his feud with Angle, the Rock spent a year feuding with John Cena, in which The Rock would lose to Cena at Mania. Following the WWE draft, in which both Angle and the Rock were drafted to Smackdown, Rock was denied a title shot due to his loss to Cena, while Angle recived a title shot. Later the next week, Rock would be named Special Ref after defeating Alberto Del Rio and The Miz.

The FeudEdit

The feud started during the title match between Angle and Sheamus, in which after the match, Rock turned heel and attacked both Angle and Sheamus, and stealing the title belt. Over the next several months, Rock would dodge matches with Angle, and proclaim himself "The Real" World Champion. They met in a match at Money in the Bank in which Rock lost, but he would again escape with the belt. At SummerSlam they are expected to end the feud.

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