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JL as VP of Talent Relations


Storyline with CM Punk and Triple HEdit

John would appear live TV for the first time, asking that Mr.McMahon fire Cena. At SummerMania, he would attempt to screw over Cena but would fail, after months, he would replace The Rock as Interm GM of Raw. After months of feuding with CM Punk trying to screw him out of the title, COO Triple H returned to announce he would be fired. After his firiing, Kevin Nash would replace him as Commissioner. John would make several apperances claiming he was still Executive VP of Talent Relations, but had no booking power anymore. John would then go onto manage Dolph Ziggler in a United States title match against Santino Marella in which Ziggler lost after a minor interfirence from a returning Vladimir Kozlov. Afterwords, Laurinatis would vanish from televison.

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