Bradshaw in 2003


JBL would return to WWE in November 2011 as a Face, returning to his APA gimmick. JBL would make his first in-ring match since 2009, losing in the Royal Rumble accidently eliminating himself while trying to eliminate Mark Henry. Over the following 8 nights JBL would make weird promos claiming he is the combination of the normal American person and the gods. JBL would have his second match since returning to WWE losing to Chris Jericho(who had recently turned heel).

Heel TurnEdit

JBL would turn heel, reutrning to his rich man gimmick, entering in a limo, and would have his first match back as a heel defeating a local athleate. JBL's profile owuld move to ECW Revival, on his first appearnce(on Impact) as an ECW Superstar he would defeat Finlay after hitting Finlay with his shileghle.

In June 2012, it was announced JBL had signed with Smackdown!.

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