1st Opponent 2nd Opponent 3rd Opponent Way of Victory Stipulation
Dolph Ziggler Leo Kruger (Win) None Pinfall None
Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy Austin Aries & Ryback (Win) None Submission None
Nults McKagan (Win Bad News Barrett None Pinfall, Rollup None
Mark Henry (Win) Booker T None Submission No-DQ
Ned Edgewalker Chavo Guerrero (Win) Nults McKagan (Came out to help Chavo) Pinfall Chavo Must have one hand tied behind his back
Curtis Axel (C) Sting Shawn Micheals (Win) Pinfall No-DQ, IC Championship on the line

Major EventsEdit

  • Nults McKagan debuted, in a surprising victory over Barrett, who dominated the rookie.
  • Nults McKagan refused to shake Barrett's hand, appearing to be a heel, but later on in the night, he saved Chavo from the GM.
  • Shawn Micheals won the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the first time since the Mid 90's!

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