Match/Segment Participant(s) Stipulation Additional Info
Singles Match Shawn Michaels def. Ned Edgewalker via Rollup Pin None Ned & Michaels had a staredown following the match.
Seth Rollins announces he's entering the Royal Rumble  Seth Rollins None Rollins announced that he was entering the Rumble, saying "Nobody will eliminate me! Last person who tried to do that... Let's just say he's not here anymore."
Singles Match Santino Marella def. Big Show via Pin None None
Tag Team Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre def. Tommy Dreamer & Chris Jericho None None
Singles Match Tensai def. Batista No-DQ None
Triple Threat Randy Orton def. Yoshi Tatsu & Gregory Helms None
Singles Match Triple H def. Chavo Guerrero None None
Jacob Cass vs. Dean Ambrose Jacob Cass & Dean Ambrose None

Cass called out Ambrose, asking him to "quit being the little pussy bitch he is" and to fight like a man. Ambrose walked out, and said "A man such as me is dangerous. I have nothing to lose, while you have that gold belt on your arm, pretty boy."

Ambrose then dashed to the ring, and they engaged in a fight to end the show.

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