Rapp3r would debut in WWE joining team Awesome Truth. He would cement his heel status, helping Sin Cara Negro attack Sin Cara Azul. After losing at Survivor Series, Rapp3r would get his first win in WWE, defeating Nappa. After a minor feud with AJ Styles on TNA and another minor feud with Ted DiBiase on WWE Superstars, Rapp3r annoucned he would be appart of the ECW Revival show in the opening match against Matt Hardy.Rapp3r turned face on ECW Revival attempting to save Stone Cold Steve Austin from the ECN but was superkicked by Micheal Powers. Rapp3r then decided to televise his new name sa The Hardcorre King, also ended up winning the Hardcore Title on the second ever Televised ECW After Vader won it from Christian with a quick crossface

REVOLUTION and departureEdit

TheHardcorreKing would reveal himself to be none other then ECW Revival General Manager JDUDE, and would become a manager, TheHardcorreKing would again rebrand himself as JDUDE, and announcers would still claim they were the same person. JDUDE would turn heel, and bring ECW with him, claiming to be the A-Show, after the big thing with CM Punk going to ECW

it was annoucned on June 7 2012, JDUDE was released from his contract.

Wrestling FactsEdit


The Executive Actions (Spit in the face, double underhook high impact powerbomb)


Here we Go (DDT From Top Rope)

Hardcorre Ways (Piledriver from top rope)


springboard DDT


Tiger bomb (sometimes from top rope, ladder, etc.)

Style: High Flyer/ Techinal/ Hardcore/ Submsissive

Theme: Remeber the Name Till I Collapse Remix by Eminem and Fort Minor

Alignment: Face

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