The Intercontinental Championship Tournament began on the Friday 18th, 2014 edition of Smackdown. The finalists will fight at Extreme Rules 2014 to declare a new Champion.

Round 1Edit

Victor Creed Logan def. AJ Styles (April 18th, 2014 Smackdown)

Cesaro def. Rey Mysterio (April 18th, 2014 Smackdown)

Stan Sylvester def. The Great Khali (April 21st, 2014 Raw)

Christian def. Dolph Ziggler (April 21st, 2014 Raw)

Round 2Edit

Cesaro def. Christian (April 25th, Smackdown)

Victor Creed Logan def. Stan Sylvester (April 28th, Raw)


Cesaro vs. Victor Creed Logan (Extreme Rules 2014)

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