Heath Slater

Slater in the Nexus

Heath Slater is a professional wrester signed to WWE.


RAW, Smackdown, The Nexus and The CorreEdit

In June 2010 Slater debuted in WWE as a heel working in the Nexus. Slater would spend the remander of the year as WWE Tag Champion with Justin Gabriel before he and Gabriel split from the New Nexus under CM Punk. The following Smackdown, he and Gabriel would join The Corre under former Nexus Leader Wade Barrett, which split in June of that year after a feud with Big Show and former group member Ezekial Jackson. After the Corre split, he and Gabriel remained a tag team until Staler turned on Gabriel.

Singles CompetitionEdit

After the split from Gabriel, Staler would be used as advancement talent on all three WWE shows. In June 2012, Slater would start a minor feud with Daniel Bryan, in which he lost.

In July 2012, Heath left the promotion as he felt he was being misused under the WWE product. He would be hired to ECW Revival after reccomendation from Chris Jericho.

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