Goldberg is a professional wrestler signed to WWE. 
7012 - Starrcade goldberg wcw yelling


Goldberg made an unannounced return to WWE on an edition of RAW SuperShow as a face, answering an Open Fight Night challenge, by Brock Lesnar, in which Goldberg was victorious. Goldberg's profile was added to the Smackdown roster, signifying Goldberg signed with Smackdown. Goldberg returned to the program, attacking Kurt Angle and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, before attacking Kane in the locker room, leaving his allignment unknown.

In July, WWE promoted Goldberg going 200 - 0 since 2004. On July 12, 2012, Goldberg was traded to Raw SuperShow for Rey Mysterio. Goldberg stated on Twitter that he would be taking part in the WCW Rememberance night on July 30.

In October 2013, Goldberg returned once again, this time as a face, announcing his intention on competing in the six on six Survivor Series tag team match as a member of Team Cass after he attacked The Ryback. claiming he was "being impersonated."

Goldberg would return again, this time to compete in the new WCW Revival show. 

WCW Champion Edit

On the first show of the WCW Revival show, Goldberg defeated Randy Orton for the title, becoming the inagural WCW Champion.


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