1st Superstar 2nd Superstar 3rd Superstar Way of Victory Stipulation
MVP X-Pac (Win) None Rollup, Pinfall None
Tensai Chris Jericho (Win) None Codebreaker, Pinfall None
Goldberg (Win) Sin Cara None Spear, Submission Submission Match
Christian Kevin Nash (Win) Roman Reigns Powerbomb, Pinfall No DQ 
Jack Swagger (Win) Santino Marella None Pinfall None
John Cena (Win) Ryback None First Blood First Blood Match

Major EventsEdit

  • Ryback was injured in the match vs. John Cena
  • After Roman Reigns speared Christian, Kevin Nash took advantage and took the win. When asked what he will do next, Reigns said: "I just need to focus for my match at Elimination Chamber. Dean will sucessfully retain in the Chamber, and the sheild, will prevail."
  • In the submission match, Sin Cara was effective, but not effective en tough, as he was distracted by a fan, and when he turned around, he met his fate in a spear. Goldberg then put a crossface on Sin Cara, and he tapped out.

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