1st Opponent 2nd Opponent 3rd Opponent Way of Victory Stipulation
Edge (Win) Chavo Guerrero None Pinfall Elimination Chamber Qualyfing match
Batista (Win) Ryback None KO Victory must be by Knockout
Sting (Win) Curtis Axel None Pinfall #1 Contenders Match for the IC Championship.
Nults McKagan (Win) Kane None Pinfall, Rollup Elimination Chamber Qualyfing match
The Undertaker (Win) Raven None Submission Elimination Chamber Qualifying match
Jeff Hardy & Shawn Micheals Kurt Angle & Kofi Kingston Chris Masters & Ned Edgewalker (Win) Pinfall 3 Way Tag Team match

 Major EventsEdit

  • Edge, Nults McKagan, The Undertaker, and Batista will fight in the Elimination Chamber for Dean Ambrose's World Heavyweight title.
  • Nults McKagan was saved by Chavo Guerrero, because Ned knew Nult's couldn't win without help. Nults pinned Kane with a Rollup when Kane was distracted with Ned and Chavo fighting outside the ring.
  • Jeff Hardy was Injured backstage earlier in the night by his rival Austin Aries, this didn't help the fact that Jeff would be hit by Ned Edgewalker with the Canadian Cross later in his match. He was pinned. He vowed vengance on Austin Aries later that night on

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