EntouRage (also known as The Daniel Family) is a heel group currently lead by John Daniels




John Daniels

Champions Emma EC12
Ollie Anderson
Matt Andrews

Former Members

Lance Storm (One Night Only for Team EntouRage at suvivor series pre-show)
Chris Daniels(Orignal . before John Daniels bought the faction and kicked Daniels out the group.)
JDUDE(Allied with 3 of the members.)

The Daniels FamilyEdit

Formation and BreakupEdit

John Daniels debuted in ROH and Daniels fought "The Ultraviolent Beast" MASADA and Emma,Matt Andrews,and Ollie Anderson attacked MASADA and helped Daniels get the victory despite the fact Daniels was face and was in the Daniels family with Chris Daniels,Kazarian (known as Kazarian Daniels),AJ Styles (known as AJ Daniels) and Matt Andrews,Ollie,Emma accepted Chris Daniels request and they we're named Daniels and Chris Daniels told John Daniels to make sure he dosen't defeat Davey Richards so he said to manage Richards and help Richards win and John did the exact thing and Chris Daniels promoted John Daniels to co-owner and John Daniels has the power to do many things in the club and John was named the special guest General Manager of ROH and booked Tyler Black to fight Chris Daniels,Chris Hero.Cesaro for the ROH title and John Daniels was the surprize opponent and Daniels was booked to win but was replaced by Kevin Steen due to neck injury during a brawl with a drunk fan who attacked him and threw John right in the stage truss and John hit his neck and was named permenant ROH GM and bought the Daniel Family from Chris Daniels and kicked out all the members except Ollie,Matt,Emma and renamed the family EntouRage and they didnt go by the Daniels nickname they started using their real in-ring names and they had won all the gold after competing against alot of good superstars to make their way to the title contendership.

WWE debut,Wrestlemania failEdit

After a while Chris Daniels was failed by the EntouRage after he failed to win a ic title championship scramble at wrestlemania xxx and they failed to help him on his return to WWE since coming back at wrestlemania.

Independent Circut returnEdit

EntouRage returned to ROH and reunited The Daniels Family while AJ Styles came with Bullet Club from NJPW and Chris Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are reunited bad influlence in ROH and they had a majority of appearances till John Daniels got phone calls to go back to WWE and he came with the EntouRage


The guys would ally with Bullet Club before helping them retain their titles at a NJPW event and ROH event and would attack Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs after a NJPW Tag title match and helped the young bucks retain .

Entou Rage V2



Chris Daniels, John Daniels

AJ Styles
Frankie Kazarian
Carl Anderson
The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson,Nick Jackson)

Doc Gallows

Tama Tonga

Yujiro Takashi

Bad Luck Fale

Former Members



  • Frankie Kazarian
  • Carl Anderson(allied)
  • Matt Jackson,Nick Jackson(allied)
  • Doc Gallows(allied)
  • Bad Luck Fale(allied)
  • Tama Tonga(allied)
  • Yujiro Takashi(allied)
  • Current Bullet Club Members are allied and part of the V2 Group.

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