Edge def Dean Ambrose(C) vs Ned Edgewalker vs The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries

Elimination Chamber Match World Heavyweight Championship
Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel ended in a draw Tag Team Ladder match WWE Tag Team Championships
MVP def Kane Steel Cage None.
Sting def Shawn Micheals (C) Extreme Rules  Intercontental Championship
Kurt Angle def The Miz Submision Match None.
Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins def The Main Event Playa Brodus Clay Handicap elimination Match To win, Clay must eliminate both Reigns and Rollins.
Damien Sandow(c) def Christian Cage Steel Cage Match United States Championship
Jacob Cass def Randy Orton(c) vs Bad News Barrett vs Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler Elimination Chamber match WWE Championship
Zack Blaze def Ryback Singles match If Ryback wins, he gets Blaze's title match at WrestleMania XXX

Major EventsEdit

  • Sting wins the Intercontinental Championship
  • Before the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber, Ned Edgewalker injures Nults McKagan and takes his spot in the match.
  • Edge wins the World Heavyweight Championship
  • Jacob Cass wins the WWE Championship
  • Ned Edgewalker turns face by shaking Edge's hand.

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