This is where you can request anything for your wrestler to do on the ECW brand which JDUDE (Me) Owns. If you want, you can request a title shot, a tag team match (or tag team, where you choose a partner), request a storyline, etc. I choose whether or not it's a good idea or not, if it is, I will try my best to fit it in. If not, I will reject it.

P.S. the I choose options will be more likely to be accepted, and will almost always be accepted, unless other plans

Things you may RequestEdit

  • ECW title shots
  • ECW Tag team title shots (anyone or chosen partner)
  • hardcore Title shots
  • Manager (you choose anyone)
  • Manager (I choose)
  • you make storyline
  • you make stable
  • I make a stable with you in it
  • Request a match against someone else
  • GM of ECW for 1 night
  • Any other requests can be made

P.S. you can even choose what you think would be best for any wrestler, but remember, I must accept everything.. I will respond to your comments as soon as I can to tell you yes, no, or what I am going to do with that person

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