Trip To Tokyo is an exclusive ECW Event, where ECW is going extreme and taking a wild turn to Extreme wrestling, with matches such as scaffold, Barbed wire (including No Ropes Barbed Wire). This isnt scheduled yet, but has been agrred to happen by the end of the year. Has been announced to be held on April 26th


Legand Killer def HBK after Ziggler tosses HBK off a set of steps, through a table

I Quit ECW Match ECW Title, and loser leaves ECW
DRAW after they hit a double chair headbutt 50 chair shot match (must hit your opponent 50 times with chairs, then pin them or make them submit) Match to decide leader of team Hazard and Delirious
Tommy Dreamer def Mick Foley after using socko to clog up his cuts No Ropes barbed wire Cup of blood match (must fill a cup with opponents blood) Match to decide the Commisioner of ECW
THE Brian Kendrick def AJ Styles , Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks after hitting Styles with a sliced bread #2 fatal four way elimination Last Man Standing match Match to give one person a booking choice for one night, where he can edit 1 match
Wade Barrett def Hunico after Tossing him through 4 tables at the same time 10 table match (must toss opponent through 10 tables) European Champion
Gallows w/ Paul Bearer def Y2J after Bearer smashed Y2Js back with the urn, and Gallows locks in a bear hold Submission counts anywhere strap match Best out of 3 match
All Hail def Ki and Tatsu after Khali picked up the ladder with Ki and Tatsu both on it and tossed it out of the ring, making them fall into another ladder Tag team ladder match (ladder made 30 feet high) ECW Tag team titles
Big Daddy V def Big Show after Chokeslamming him off Scaffold Match SuperHeavyweight Championship
Bobby Lashley def Vader after hitting a 19 pin count after hitting a spinebuster off a ladder pin to 20 match (normal match, but where pin falls continue, and whoever gets 20 wins, so if someone gets 10 2 counts, they win} Hardcore Championship
AJ W/Reall Estat def Ashley Massaro , Lita , and Torrie Wilson by quickly rolling up Lita and taking off her shirt for the final move Extremettes fatal 4 way elimination Bra and Panties match ECW Extremettes Championship

Other infoEdit

JDUDE has debut CM Punk, and then continued to do heel things, including Making fun of Renstimpy, Slashranger, and even one of the bigger threats, Jim Logan, at the end of the night, right after Ziggler has won his match, with the first act of order was giving Dreamer power over complete booking, with only JDUDE himself being allowed to reverse his orders

Big Daddy V actually decided to hit a ghetto elbow on Show, breaking a hole in the ground outside the ring

All Hail has been stripped again of the title, this time, for using the green spit as a weapon, and in ladder matches, only ladders are allowed... this decision was made after the match, but was approved in the JDUDE speech

AJ and Reall Estate would seem to then develop a relationship... and they would announce the "Extremettes" Division, of ECW, and bringing back a more Attitude era approach to ECW... otherwise known as the Xtreme era

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