JDUDE has declared a PPV, in tribute to classic PPV Guilty as Charged, another one, and so far, matches are unknown, but an ECW Ownership match has been decided, and so has an ECW Title match (match types unknown) Date 5/20/12

|Drew McIntyre def Ziggler Normal Match ECW Title
Dolph Ziggler (c) def Diesel Bowl of Blood match ECW Championship
Mr. Socko and Mr. Foley and The Rock w/Tiffany def Mr. Dreamer Umaga and The Great Khali w/JDUDE ECW Extreme Rules Match OWNERSHIP OF ECW
Wade Barrett (c) def Bobby Lashley Steel Cage match Euro-Hardcore Championship
AJ (c) def Torrie Wilson vs Ashley Massaro Strap Match ECW Extremettes Championship
Undertaker de fY2J Submission Match Number One Contendership Match
THE Brian Kendrick def Jigsaw Hell In a Cell ECW Cruiserweight Championship
"Dashing" Cody Rhodes def Goldust Special Guestt Referee. Ref dusty Rhodes Grudge Match Brother vs Brother
Big Daddy V (c) vs Big Show NO CONTEST Ladder Match Superweight Championship
Kevin Hart and Teddy Hart w/ Natalya def Jack Evans and Roderick Strong Ultimate X tag Match ECW Tag Team Championships


After the Euro-Core title match, Barrett was deemed unfit to compete, but yet shocked the world when he used being in a stretcher to his advantage, and he used it to make sure no pinfalls could be placed on him


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