&nbsp Destination Death is a PPV of WWE and will take place September 3,2011. This will be the first ever PPV to be held on a Saturday


The main Raw Storyline heading into Destination Death is the Undisputed WWE Championship that was uncleared at SummerMania between Jim Logan and CM Punk thanks to Creed. At the PPV, the two will have a rematch.

The first match will be The Miz vs Rey Mysterio who the latter wanted a rematch after Miz was taken out of the WWE Championship tournoment.This match was cancelled after the injury of Rey Mysterio by Victor Creed Logan. and replacing Rey Mysterio is Additude

Creed challenged Vince for his US Championship

Jackson cashed in his rematch for the IC Championship

Mark Henry won a #1 Contenders Match against Sheamus and Christian

WWE Announced the reactiviation of the WWE Crusierweight division with the merger with the X-Divison, The fans voted Sin Cara and Evan Bourne as the best candadites for the first champion

The Divas divison match will be to settle title dispute between the 3 ex-champions

Justin Gabriel challenged the WMD for the titles which they accepted and Gabriel announced a battle royal to decide his parner which was announced as Zack Ryder. The next week they would earn a win over The Undertaker and Chris Masters

The Angle/Anderson match will be a feud ender as Anderson challenged Angle's motives on attacking Sting


Victor Creed Logan(c) def Jim Logan vs CM Punk Undisputed WWE Championship Match Triple Threat Chairs Match
Randy Orton(c) def Mark Henry via Disqualification WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match Singles Match
Vince(c) def Chris Masters Career vs United States Championship Match Singles Match
Cody Rhodes(c) vs Ezekiel Jackson resulted in a draw Intercontinental Championship Match Tables Match
Sin Cara def Evan Bourne X-Division Championship Match Ultimate X-Match
Mickie James(c) def Kelly Kelly vs Winter WWE Divas Championship Match Triple Threat Match
Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne def The Worlds Most Dominant(c) vs Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder WWE Tag Team Championship Match Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match
Kurt Angle def Mr. Anderson Singles Match Lethal Lockdown
The Miz def Additude Singles Match Street Fight

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