Dean Ambrose    

Dean Ambrose is a pro wrestler signed to WWE. He primarliy appears on the Raw Brand as a member of the Shield alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Debut, The Shield and World Champion (2012- 2014)Edit

Dean, along with Roman Reigns debuted with the already-debuted Seth Rollins at TLC 2012, attacking Ryback. The following night on Raw, he along with the Shield attacked CM Punk and Randy Orton.Over the following months, Amrbose would engage in attacks against various superstars  and would go undefeated until the Raw after Money in the Bank where he would lose to John Cena.

On the December 2, 2013 edition of RAW, Ambrose would challenge Mr. Kennedy and Dolph Ziggler to a triple threat match where he would pin Kennedy and win the World Heavyweight Championship, his first title in WWE and his first world championship.

Ambrose would retain the title in a rematch against Ziggler, and successfully defend it there, and at the Royal Rumble before losing it to Edge at the Elimination Chamber pay per view. The following night on RAW, he blamed his loss of the title on fellow Shield member, Roman Reigns, who responded wtih a superman punch, followed by a spear.
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The Loner (2014)Edit

At Money in the Bank 2014, Dean was turned on by Seth Rollins who in turn won the briefcase and eventually cashed in to win the WWE Championship. The following night on RAW, Dean debuted a new attire, titantron and entrance music signaling a split from the Shield. During his match with Seth Rollins which ended in a draw, Jerry Lawler referred to Dean as "The everyman" and "The Joker".

After splitting from the Shield, Amrbose started a feud with Evolution, in particular his former ally Seth Rollins and Triple H and started attacking their allies such as Rusev, and Batista. Ambrose later alligned himself with Jacob Cass and Zack Blaze in their feud with Evolution claiming the enemy of his enemy is his friend. At SummerSlam 2014 it was announced Ambrose would face Triple H in WWE's second-ever Death Match, which Jerry Lawler claimed Ambrose created, despite not being involved in the inital match.

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