Dawn of Destiny 2012 is a Pay Per View being broadcasted on April 15 2012. At this PPV it was annoucned there would be for the first time ever, an 8 sided ring. It was originally named "Over The Limit 2012" but was renamed Dawn of Destiny, for several reasons, above all, it was voted by WWE fans over Over the Limit, Judgement Day and Death of Champions.


Christian def Daniel Bryan(c) Singles Match World Heavyweight Championship Match
Santino Marella(c) def Shelton Bejamin Singles Match United States Championship
Ziggler beats Mick Foley Crazy 8 match ECW Championship
Drew McIntyre(w/Ric Flair) def Matt Hardy I Quit Match None.
Big Daddy V def Vladimir Kozlov Scaffold Match Superheavyweight Championship
Tyler Black(c) def Brian Kendrick ROH Singles Match ROH World Championship
Rated RKO def Zack Blaze and Sheamus Tag Team Match Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships
Hunico def William Regal vs Wade Barrett vs Big Show Fatal 4 way Elimination 8 Corners strap match European Championship
Cody Rhodes(c) vs Justin Gabriel vs Jeff Hardy vs John Morrison vs Ezekiel Jackson Championship Scramble match Intercontinential Championship
All Hail def Hazard and Delirious Tag team Steel Pipe match (can only use pipes) ECW Tag Team Titles
Zack Ryder def The Miz(c) No Holds Barred Match WWE Championship
John Cena(w/Trish Stratus) def Brock Lesnar Last Man Standing Match Winner gets a future WWE Championship Match.

def Vader & Hulk Hogan & The Undertaker & Dreamer

Monster Ball match Hardcore Championship

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