Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara was a tag team that lasted from early June 2011 until July 19,2011. During the tenure of the tag team Sin Cara was played by Mistico until July 17,2011 when he was injured and suspended. Hunico played Sin Cara character until the teams demise two nights later.
Bryan and Cara

Bryan and Cara.

Formation,feud with The New Legacy and splitEdit

The team showed signs of formation the night of Sin Cara's debut with Sin Cara saving Daniel Bryan from an attack from Sheamus. Weeks later after the WWE Draft, Cara would again save Bryan, this time from Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase The following week Bryan would instead save Cara from an attack from Ted DiBiase. After saving him they would form a tag team. The next week the team would defeat the New Legacy, with Micheal Cole calling them The Raging Sensation( a combination of their nicknames with Bryan's Raging Dragon and Sin Cara's nicname The Sensation). A week later they would defeat the New Legacy again, ending the feud. In an un-aired match on Smackdown they would lose to then tag team champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. At Money in the Bank 2011|Money in the Bank. Bryan would win the Contract. During the match Mistico would get injured after Sheamus threw Cara through a ladder, and Mistico's suspension. The following Smackdown, Sin Cara(now being played by Hunico, defeated Bryan, and would turn heel hitting Bryan would a roundhouse kick. Disolving the team.

Possible reformationEdit

After winning the World Heavyweight Championship in late 2011, Bryan announced on his Twitter he would like to re-form his partnership with Sin Cara(no matter who plays the character) and possibly have a feud with him.


  • During their stint as a tag team, they would alternate with using each other's entrance music but would always use Cara's entrance video and lights.
  • After debuting, Mistico and Bryan would become friends off-screen.

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