Daimon Rush is a heel tag team signed to WWE appearing on it's Raw SuperShow.

Formation and early attacksEdit

The team Daimon Rush was formed in late October 2011, after Additude's sting of losses, he would be assited in an attack on Skullbuster by Eddy Guerrero, and would tag for the first time in a losing effort against Skullbuster and Goku on WWE Superstars. It was annoucned Daimon Rush would be apart of Team Vegeta at Survivor Series. After losing at Survivor Series, Additude would get his first win in WWE over Skullbuster with the help of Eddy Guerrero and Tyson Kidd. The following week Daimon Rush defeated Skullbuster & Jeff Hardy with the help of Tyson Kidd and Jeff Jarrett to earn a WWE Tag Team Championship Match at TLC 2011. At TLC 2011, Daimon Rush would lose to Air Boom for the tag titles. After several more 6 man tag team matches(which they lost all of) Tyson Kidd left the group after a face turn.


The group would start to crack after Additude started to show signs of blaming Eddy for all their losses and failures to win the tag titles.

At Royal Rumble, after getting eliminated, Additude would attack Eddy backstage, hitting a DDT to Eddy on a car.

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