Mike during his time in the Nexus


Nexus, New Nexus and WWE Tag Team ChampionEdit

Michael would debut with Husky Harris as members of the Nexus and would act as body guards for David Otunga and Wade Barrett against John Cena. After the Nexus was replaced with the New Nexus under CM Punk, Michael would start a team with David Otunga and would become WWE Tag Team Champions, only to lose them back to The Worlds Most Dominant. After he and Otunga lsot the titles, the New Nexus would split. Micheal would move back to FCW.

Joe HennigEdit

After returning to FCW repackaged as Joe Hennig, Joe would return to the main roster using his real name Joe Hennig and would be assigned to ECW Revival as a heel., he would be fired

Curtis AxelEdit

In May 2013, Hennig would re-debut under the ring name Curtis Axel as an "Insurance policy" of Mr.McMahon and proceeded to defeat Zack Ryder. Two weeks later, after WWE Champion Jacob Cass turned on McMahon, Vince had Curtis attack Jacob in retaliation, starting a feud between Curtis and Jacob. At Dawn of Destiny, Curtis failed to win the title after McMahon accidently hit Axel with the championship belt. The following night on RAW, Axel was dropped by McMahon.

After his storyline with McMahon ended, Axel turned his attention to Comissioner Foley. Axel challenged Foley to a match, to which Foley accepted on the condition that if Axel lost, he would be sent back to NXT. Axel went on to win the match, and defeated him in a rematch in a "Hardcore match" with the stipulation that if Axel won, he would get one night as WWE Commissioner, in which Axel won.

Axel then used his one night as Commissioner to give himself a shot at the Intercontinental Championship of Cody Rhodes, At WWE Battleground, Axel defeated Rhodes after a run-in from Ryback

At Payback 2014, Axel and Ryback won the WWE Tag Team Championships. At Money in the Bank 2014, Axel and Ryback lost the WWE Tag team championships to the Wyatts. Following the match, Axel turned on Ryback. At the Main Event following Money in the Bank, Ryback retaliated putting Axel through a table with a Shellshock.

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