Cole MacGrath is a professional wrestler signed to WWE working on it's Smackdown brand.


Cole announced on his Twitter and Facebook on May 23, 2012 he signed with WWE after 3 years of competing on the indy circut, and would debut on Raw SuperShow. Cole would debut on the July 16, 2012 edition of Raw, telling Jacob Cass that he was coming for [Cass]his title. At SummerSlam, Cole failed to defeat Jacob after a chair shot from Wade Barrett and a run in from nWo. The following day, it was announced Cole had been fired due to failing a drug test for the Wellness Program. Cole later stated on his Twitter he had instead been rehired as a trainer for NXT and FCW.

In WrestlingEdit

Entrance ThemesEdit

Monster by Skillet(2012)


Electric End(Fireman's Carry, 360 spin, drops opponent onto knee)

Fates Fury(Cutter or Stunner)

Bio Leach(Clawhold STO)


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