CM Punk/Jacob Cass Rivalry was a long-standing, popular feud that was contested between WWE. Lasting through June and ending in July of 2012.


Both Jacob and CM Punk were from Chicago Illinois and briefly feuded in ROH before Punk departed for WWE.When Jacob returned to the promotion in 2011, Jacob was briefly coached by CM Punk off-screen. In 2011,

The feudEdit

after Jacob Cass won the WWE Championship for the first time in his career, Cass got out in front of their hometown and betrated them. Punk would, who had been out due to injury had returned and annoucned they would be fighting at Money in the Bank, ironicly in Chicago again. Before the event, Jacob would mock Punk, causing Punk to attack him with a crowbar. At Money IN the Bank, the match Punk won by DQ. The following night on RAW, Punk and Cass had a rematch, which was cut short by the USA network as Punk was about to win the WWE Championship. In CM Punk's "last chance" match, Punk, Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett were hired by GM of Raw Edge to end Cass's regin. During the match, Barrett turned heel along with Bryan and cost Punk the title.After this Punk was annoucned to be the Special Guest Ring annoucner for the Cass/Cole MacGrath match at SummerSlam. Oddly, during the match, Punk didn't interfiere, instead, attacked Jacob during his match against Tyler Black the night following with a steel chair, before Edge announced Punk would challenge Cass for the title at Clash of the Champions.


Overall, the feud was recived well univerally. Many fans responded to the matches on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tout, claiming that their matches were epic. Their feud would end abruptly after controversial endings twice in two nights.

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