His face paint on his first title match


He first showed up when Camren had a open fight for his Intercontinental Champ and he beat him getting his first title.


He is the son of Jeff Hardy and joined TNA and got the World Heavyweight Title by beating Bobby Roode and then made teams with CJ punk to get the Tag Titles two

In WrestlingEdit

Theme SongEdit

Another Me

Animal I Have Become by Three Day Grace

His Face paint on his first match on TNA


TNA World Heavy Weight Champ (3)

TNA Tag Team Champ (1)

WWE Intercontinental Champ (5)

WWE World Heavyweight Champ (3)

WWE Tag Team Champs (2)

Brett with the WWE World Heavy Weight Title

Years In ShowsEdit

Tumblr mc4msecNgN1qkt8mqo1 400

Brett with his TNA World Heavy Weight Title

he has been in wwe for more then 13 years making it so he can be a all star fighter



  • Twist Of Hate
  • Whisper In The Wind
  • Swanton Bomb
  • Time Lapse(a spin kick when person is on the turnbuckle)
  • Unabomb(a leg hold moves later known as a fast wearing move for the body)


  • Last Resort(Super kick turned in to a sunny side flip on the head)
  • Astec bomb(jump off of the top turnbuckle with a super kick to the face)
  • rocket spin(spin kick when the person is on the ground)
  • Jump on top rope from appren and dropkick to the face)

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