William "Bill" Cody Keaton Jr. more commonly known as Bray Keaton is a current WWC wrestler. He is the son of COO Bill Keaton.

220px-Desmond Wolfe July 2010 2

Bray making his inring debut


Bray debuted alongside his Dad on the April 15th episode of Afterburn. Bill talked about the future of pro wrestling alongside his two friends. Bill then put his son as the "Main Event" of the whole thing. They were then interrupted by Amazing Red. Red said that Daddy's boys" didn't qualify as wrestlers. And people like Red were the real deal. This broke into a fight which was later set up as a match. Bray won after his father slapped Red and he hit the Main Eventer on Red covering him. The next week Red wanted a rematch in a match of his choice. Red picked a Steel Cage but still lost after Bray pulled his face down on the cage and hit the Main Eventer and escaped.

All Star Champion Edit

Bray won a 10 man ladder match to crown the first All Star Champion. His first defense was against the guy who he feuded with for the majority of the year Amazing Red. At Blaze Bray beat Red after giving him a school boy pin. moreaddelater

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