Bragging Rights(2012) is a professional wrestling pay per view expected to be on May 13 2012. This pay per view will showcase an 8 on 8 Smackdown! vs Raw SuperShow and ECW Revival vs WCW.

Zack Ryder(c) def Rey Mysterio No holds barred match WWE Championship
John Cena and Jacob Cass def The Rock and Desmond Miles Tag Team MAtch Bragging Rights point
Kevin Stu Hart and Teddy Hart w/Natalya & Bret Hart def All Hail(Lord Tensai and The Great Khali)andThe Motor City Machine Guns Extreme Rules Ultimate Tag Team X-Match ECW Tag Team Championships
Tyler Black(c) def "The American Dragon" Daniel Bryan Ladder Match ROH World Championship
Wade Barrett def Bbby Lashley Backstage Brawl (Parking lot) Euro-Core Title
"The Legand Killer" Dolph Ziggler def Shelton Bejamin ECW Extreme Rules match, last minute decision by Tiffany ECW Title
Ryback def Ned Edgewalker Singles Match None
Cody Rhodes def The Big Show(c) vs Jeff Hardy(c) Triple Threat Tables Unification Match.
Team RawSuperShow(Captain:CM Punk,James Storm, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre,Sheamus,Jim Logan,Victor Creed Logan.) def Team Smackdown(Captain:Batista, Matt Hardy, Jack Swagger,John Morrison,Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Austin Aries) 7 on 7 Elimination Tag Team Match Bragging Rights
Sheamus def Christian TNA Rules Singles Match World Heavyweight Championship


  1. This pay per view is the first to show reuniting tag teams such as,Miz& Morrison.


This pay per view was recieved with extremly negative reviews. Most reviewers stated that the match of the night was Ryback vs Ned Edgewalker as almost every other match was either over/under hyped or dragged on too long. Many fans and critics also complained about how Sheamus was awarded the World title after being the sole survivor on his team. Other complaints were Cody Rhodes re-winning the IC title. The ECW Championship and the Hardcore/European title match were the hilights of the night.

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