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Beer Money, Inc.[1][2]Beer Money, Inc. in London September 2008

On the June 12 edition of Impact!, Roode, along with James Storm, challenged The Latin American Xchange (LAX) (Homicide and Hernandez) for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Storm and Roode won, after Roode performed a Last Call on Hernandez, with a belt wrapped around his boot. Hector Guerrero, LAX's manager, was at ringside, however, and got the match restarted by informing the referee about what had happened. LAX then retained, leading to Roode, Storm, and Jacqueline attacking LAX. The next week, LAX challenged Storm and Roode to a Fan's Revenge Lumberjack match at Victory Road. Roode and Storm then began calling themselves "Beer Money, Inc.", sometimes shortened to simply "Beer Money", based on their individual gimmicks (Storm for "Beer" and Roode for "Money"). At Victory Road, LAX won the match.[27] At Hard Justice, however, Beer Money became the new TNA World Tag Team Champions, defeating LAX after hitting Homicide with a beer bottle.[28] The feud continued through No Surrender with Beer Money, Inc. once again getting the win.[29] At Bound for Glory IV, Beer Money successfully defended their titles in a four-team Monster's Ball match, after Roode pinned Hernandez of LAX.[30]

After that Beer Money retained the tag team championship at Turning Point 2008 against The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin).[31] Beer Money, Inc. later engaged in a feud with Matt Morgan and Abyss, retaining the titles against them at Final Resolution.[32] Roode and Storm lost the titles to Lethal and Creed on the January 8 edition of Impact!. Roode and Storm would regain the titles in a 3-way match which also involved the team of Abyss and Matt Morgan three days later at Genesis.[33] Beer Money, Inc. faced Creed and Jay Lethal at Against All Oddsand retained the championship.[34] At Lockdown 2009, Beer Money lost the TNA Tag Team titles to Team 3D in a Philadelphia Street Fight, where Team 3D's IWGP Tag Team Titles were also on the line. On May 21, Beer Money turned face by coming to the rescue of Team 3D, who were being attacked by The British Invasion (Doug Williams, Brutus Magnus and their bodyguard Rob Terry). They stated that from all of the times they have fought, Team 3D showed them that if you are going to fight, you should at least fight fairly. At Sacrifice Beer Money defeated The British Invasion to win the Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament and earn the right to challenge Team 3D for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.[35]At Slammiversary, Beer Money defeated Team 3D to win the TNA World Tag Team Titles for the third time. The following month at Victory Road, Beer Money lost the titles to Booker T and Scott Steiner of The Main Event Mafia.

The two teams would see their feud intervene with that of Team 3D and the British Invasion, causing a 4-way war that would last the next 3 months. Beer Money would go on to lose to the British Invasion in an IWGP Tag Team Championship match at Hard Justice,[36] win a Lethal Lockdown match at No Surrender (teaming with Team 3D against MEM and the Invasion),[37] and lose a 4-way Full Metal Mayhem match at Bound for Glory for both the TNA and IWGP Tag Team Championships, with Team 3D winning the IWGP belts and the British Invasion the TNA belts.[38] Beer Money were permitted one last title shot the following Impact!, where they fought the British Invasion in a Six Sides of Steel match. Brutus Magnus would have his team disqualified by punching the referee, causing him and Doug Williams to retain the championships.[39] On the November 12 edition of Impact! Beer Money defeated the British Invasion in a non-title match to join the Motor City Machineguns in the Tag Team Title match at Turning Point.[40] At the Pay-Per-View The British Invasion managed to retain their titles after Kevin Nash nailed Storm with the TNA Global Championship belt.[41] At Genesis Roode and Storm scored an upset victory over The Band of Kevin Nash and Syxx-Pac.[42]


With Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff taking over TNA at the beginning of 2010, Beer Money's TV time was significantly reduced.[43] Upon their return to Impact!, Beer Money turned heel on the March 8 edition of Impact! by first volunteering to face Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match and then defeating him after a low blow and the DWI, claiming it was the only way they were going to get noticed by the new management.[44]Roode and Storm have since acted as Bischoff's henchmen, taking on wrestlers he's had problems with, often in two-on-one situations.[45][46]At Destination X Beer Money challenged Matt Morgan and Hernandez for the TNA World Tag Team Championship, but were unable to dethrone the defending champions.[47] At Lockdown Beer Money, along with Sting and Desmond Wolfe, represented Team Flair in the annual Lethal Lockdown match, where they were defeated by Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy).[48] They then started a feud with the newly formed team of Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson, known collectively as The Enigmatic Assholes, who would go on to defeat them atSlammiversary VIII.[49] On the following edition of Impact! Ric Flair, who had aligned himself with Roode, Storm, A.J. Styles, Desmond Wolfe and Kazarian, announced that he would reform the Four Horsemen under the new name Fourtune, stating that each of them would have to earn their spots in the group and that in order for Storm and Roode to earn their spots, they needed to become the Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard of the group.[50][51] After the TNA World Tag Team Championship was vacated in June, Beer Money entered a four–team, two–week long tournament to decide who would get to face The Motor City Machine Guns for the titles at Victory Road. Beer Money advanced to the title match at the pay-per-view by defeating Team 3D and Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore).[51][52] At Victory Road Beer Money was defeated by the Motor City Machine Guns in the match for the World Tag Team Championship.[53] After Victory Road Beer Money entered a Best of Five Series with the Motor City Machine Guns, contested for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Beer Money won the first two matches, a ladder match and a Street Fight, after knocking their opponents out with beer bottles.[54][55] On the July 29 edition of Impact!, Ric Flair announced that Roode and Storm, who were just one victory away from becoming four–time TNA World Tag Team Champions, had earned the right to join himself, Styles and Kazarian to become the final two members of Fourtune.[56][57] However, Shelley and Sabin came back to win the two following matches in the Best of Five Series, a steel cage match and an Ultimate X match, to even the score to 2–2 and set up a deciding match for the August 12 edition of Impact!.[57][58] On the August 12 edition of Impact! Beer Money, Inc. was defeated in a Two Out of Three Falls match and as a result lost the Best of Five Series 2–3.[59] Later that night Douglas Williams and Matt Morgan were added to Fourtune, as the stable attacked EV 2.0, a stable consisting of former Extreme Championship Wrestling performers.[59] In the weeks leading to Bound for Glory, the stable's name was tweaked to Fortune to represent the expansion in the number of members in the group.[60][61] At Bound for Glory Roode, Storm, Styles, Kazarian and Morgan were defeated in a Lethal Lockdown match by EV 2.0 members Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino, Sabu and Stevie Richards.[62] On the following edition of Impact! Fortune formed an alliance with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff's new stable, Immortal.[63] At Turning Point Fortune defeated EV 2.0 in a ten man tag team match and, as a result, EV 2.0's Sabu was released from TNA.[64] The following month at Final Resolution, Roode and Storm returned to the TNA World Tag Team Championship picture by defeating Ink Inc. in a number one contender's match.[65] On January 9, 2011, at Genesis, Beer Money, Inc. defeated the Motor City Machine Guns to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship for the fourth time.[66]

On January 31 at the tapings of the February 3 edition of Impact!, Fortune turned face by attacking Immortal, when they interfered in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy.[67][68] Ric Flair, who did not take part in Fortune's turn due being out with a torn rotator cuff, returned at the February 14 tapings of the February 17 edition of Impact!, turning on Fortune and jumping to Immortal.[69][70] On April 17 at Lockdown, Roode, Storm, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, who replaced an injured A.J. Styles, defeated Immortal representatives Ric Flair, Abyss, Bully Ray and Matt Hardy in a Lethal Lockdown match, when Roode forced Flair to submit with a Fujiwara armbar. The finish was used to write Flair off television for a month.[71] In early May, Roode began once again using the first name Bobby.[72] On May 15 at Sacrifice, Beer Money, Inc. successfully defended the TNA World Tag Team Championship against Immortal representatives Matt Hardy and Chris Harris, Storm's old tag team partner who had made his surprise return to TNA on the previous edition of Impact!.[73] On the following edition of Impact Wrestling, Roode was a victim of a five–on–one beatdown at the hands of Immortal as a retribution for what he did to Flair at Lockdown.[74] Two weeks later, Eric Bischoff attempted to strip Beer Money, Inc. of their TNA World Tag Team Championship due to Roode's injury, but was interrupted by the champions' former rival Alex Shelley (whose partner, Chris Sabin, had also become injured), who agreed to take Roode's spot in the title defense against the British Invasion atSlammiversary IX.[75] At the pay-per-view, Storm and Shelley were successful in their title defense.[76] Roode made his in-ring return on the June 23 edition of Impact Wrestling, in a tag team match, where he and Storm were defeated by Crimson and Matt Morgan.[77] On July 13, Beer Money, Inc. became the longest reigning TNA World Tag Team Champions in the title's history, breaking the previous record of 184 days set by A.J. Styles and Tomko in 2007. On August 7 at Hardcore Justice, Beer Money, Inc. successfully defended the TNA World Tag Team Championship against Mexican America (Anarquia and Hernandez).[78] Two days later, at the tapings of the August 18 edition of Impact Wrestling, Mexican America defeated Beer Money, Inc. in a rematch, following interference from Jeff Jarrett, to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship, ending Roode's and Storm's record-setting reign at 212 days.After the purchase of TNA by WWE, Roode was one of the many superstarts that were purchased by WWE, including James Storm.


Debut and heel turnEdit

In storyline, Roode was brought to WWE by new COO Triple H whom just had reactivated the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and given it to Kurt Angle, in being named number one contender, this made Roode a face(fan favorite character) and a main eventer. Roode would fail in winning the TNA World title, as his partner and best-friend James Storm would win the title, following the win, Roode would congradulate the new champion with a beer. 2 weeks later, Roode would turn heel defeating Storm for the TNA World Title and hitting Storm with a beer bottle directly after the world title win. It was annoucned the two would have a rematch at Survivor Series in a Street Fight.After 2 more title defences, Roode would lose the title to Kurt Angle at TLC 2011. After months of inactivity, Roode would compete at WrestleMania 28 in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match in a losing effort. Post Mania, he would be put back into his feud against James Storm on ECW Revival. He would then be made a dual branded superstar with RAW.Bobby Roode would become a member of HELL. After the ECW brand closed, Roode was moved to Raw. In September Roode would join the TNAlliance against team WWE. At Survivor Series TeamTNA lost, and Roode refused to sign a contract, thus firing him from WWE.

TNA Champion Bobby Roode 2

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