220px-Big E Langston
Big E.Langston is a pro wrestler signed to WWE appearing on it's Raw and Smackdown Brands.


Langston debuted on WWE TV on a Live Smackdown attacking AJ Styles on behalf of Zack Blaze. At the Royal Rumble, Langston attempted to interfiere for Blaze against AJ Styles, but was thrown out by the ref. After Styles won the world title, Langston returned and hit his finisher to Styles twice before Dolph Ziggler cashed in on Styles, winning the title. At the end of the show, Blaze shook hands with Ziggler, and the following day, it was announced Blaze and Ziggler formed a stable along with Langston and AJ Lee to "break" AJ Styles.

Face runEdit

In September 2013, Big E turned face attempting to save CM Punk from the Shield. Big E continued this trend going on a winning streak, winning fifteen matches in a row going into 2014.

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