Daniel Solez
195px-Austin Aries TNA 2011
Ring Names Austin Aries
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 210 lbs
Born 33
Milwakie, Wisconson
Resides Wisconson
Billed Savage, Minnesota
Trained by Various
Debut November 10, 2000


Austin Aries would debut in WWE on Impact​ (TNA had been purcashed by WWE) as a heel. He would go onto sign with ECW Revival as a heel. After several weeks of defeating Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin in singles matches, Austin Aries would be named the companies inaugral X-Division Champion by COO Triple H. In his first title defense, he would win by DQ after interfirence from Bully Ray to which he turned face, forming an alliance with AJ Styles, after a minor feud with Ray, he would move to Smackdown!

Pursuit of the World Heavyweight Championship (2012)Edit

In November 2012 Aries would become number one contender for Zack Blaze and his World Heavyweight Championship.

Return and Rivalry with Jeff Hardy (2014)Edit

Aries and Jeff Hardy returned on the same night, and decided to have their first matches back be against each other. However this would be the start of a vicous rivalry. Aries and Hardy were both counted out and continued to fight as if the count out never happened. The next major event was when Aries injured Hardy before Hardy's match on Smackdown to qualify for the Elimination Chamber. Aries had already qualified, and was trying to eliminate Hardy before he had a chance to get in. Hardy was placed in the chamber by the GM of Smackdown, Ned Edgewalker.

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