Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Conditions/Stipulations: Additional Details:
Match #1 Titus O'Neil defeated Goldust (w/Stardust) via pinfall Normal Match None Stardust and Goldust attack Titus after the match
Match #2 AJ Styles def. Chris Daniels via pinfall Normal Match None
Match #3 Rusev def. The Great Khali via disqualification  Normal Match None Dean Ambrose attacked Rusev
Match #4 Bo Dallas def. Heath Slater via pinfall Normal Match None Bo Dallas cuts a promo post-match
Match #5 Cesaro def. Mark Henry via countout Normal Match None None
Match #6 Roman Reigns def. Kane via pinfall Normal Match None Bray Wyatt sat at ringside.
Match #7 CM Punk (w/Paul Heyman) def. The Miz via pinfall Normal Match None AJ Styles sat on commentary
Match #8 (Main Event) Jacob Cass, Dean Ambrose and Zack Blaze defeated Seth Rollins, Batista and Triple H via pinfall. Clean-sweep Six Man Elimination Match None Brock Lesnar attacked Cass, Ambrose and Blaze post-match


Segment/Brawl: Participants: Details: Time:
"I'm the Best Wrestler on the Roster The Miz, Paul Heyman and CM Punk The Miz opens the show claiming he is the greatest wrestler on the roster, on the mic, in the ring, on commentary and that no one can touch him. However Heyman and CM Punk enter and challenge Miz to back up his words. Miz tries to coax his way out of the fight but AJ Styles claims if he wins, he can chose stipulations for their rematch at SummerSlam, to which Miz accepts. Beginning of the show
Undertaker to the rescue Roman Reigns, Kane, Bray Wyatt, Undertaker After their match, Kane and Bray Wyatt attacked Roman Reigns, and very nearly put him through a table, but Undertaker appeared from out of the darkness and helped Roman Reigns clear the ring. Before the show went to commercial, Reigns and the Undertaker had a stare down as the image went to black.
Dean Ambrose Allignment  Dean Ambrose & Jacob Cass Cass walks up to Dean stating that Triple H made a match for later in the night, and he needs two partners. Ambrose asks what's in it for him and Cass claims he could have Seth Rollins. Ambrose agrees, but tells Cass to stay out of his way. After the third match
"Bolieve" (segment) Bo Dallas After defeating Heath in a rematch from his debut, Bo claims he will "surpass the Undertaker's streak." After the fourth match
Blaze returns Jacob Cass and Zack Blaze

Jacob Cass enters the ring claiming he couldn't find a suitable third partner and tells the WWE Universe that he and Ambrose will be walking into a slaughter, and apologizes for not being able to fight back properly.

However, Zack Blaze's music hits and Blaze enters the ring to a standing ovation from the crowd. Cole claims Blaze hadn't been seen since he and Cass fought back at Extreme Rules.

Cass tosses Blaze a mic, but before Blaze can say a word, he and Cass get nose-to-nose and stand still as the crowd chants "One-More-Match" to the former rivals and best friends.

Blaze says "You've got your third man...and we will show Helmsly, a new type of pain."

After the 7th Match
Lesnar's Genocide  Brock Lesnar, Jacob Cass, Zack Blaze and Dean Ambrose

After Blaze scores the final pin on Triple H, Lesnar runs int othe ring and attacks everyone, hitting Amrbose with an F-5 to steel steps, an F-5 to Blaze onto the fan barrier and two F-5's to Jacob Cass, one being through a ladder.

Triple H returns to the ring with a mic and clams at SummerSlam, Cass will not be walking out.

During/After the main event
Added Participants  Triple H, Jacob Cass, Paul Heyman, CM Punk, Roman Reigns Paul Heyman comes out, and states by the order of the WWE Board of Directors, at SummerSlam the Ladder Match for the unified WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, would be a fatal four way with added participants CM Punk and Roman Reigns.

Major EventsEdit

  • Zack Blaze returns
  • CM Punk and Roman Reigns added to the WWE Championship match

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