Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Conditions/Stipulations: Additional Details:
Match #1 John Morrison defeated Fandango Normal Match None Styles, Chris and Bobby all wore TNA Impact shirts to the ring.
Match #2 Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz via pinfall Singles Match None Ambrose cut a promo after the match
Match #3 Rob Van Dam defeated Bo Dallas Normal Match None None
Match #4 Rusev defeated Big E via submission Normal Match None None
Match #5 Dolph Ziggler defeated AJ Styles via pinfall Normal Match United States Championship. If Styles was disqualified or counted out, he would of lost the title. Dallas attacked post-match
Match #6 Roman Reigns def. Mark Henry via knockout Normal Match None None
Match #7 CM Punk (w/Paul Heyman) def. Randy Orton via disqualification Normal Match None The match ended when Orton he wouldn't stop attacking Punk.
Match #8 (Main Event) Jacob Cass vs Seth Rollins ended in a draw Singles Match WWE World Heavyweight Championship AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Goldberg, Chris Benoit and David Benoit attacked Cass and Rollins


Segment/Brawl: Participants: Details: Time:
"Revelations" Triple H, Vince McMahon and Sting

McMahon and Triple H start the show claiming that until their problems are sorted out with the Board of Directors, Triple H states two new unbiased GM's are to be placed over RAW. The second will be revealed next week.

Also, he announces that WCW's failing ratings have caused it to be cancelled once more and former WCW stars to be moved to RAW and Smackdown over the following weeks.

Mr. McMahon states that the new RAW GM is Sting, who upon coming to the ring announces at Night of Champions, Jacob Cass will defend the title in a Six Pack Challenge, and the number one contenders will be decided over the following weeks up until the pay per view. 

Just as they were to leave the ring, Triple H states he has "thrown his name into the pool" and will have a qualifying match later against someone.

Start of the show
Dean's Intentions Dean Ambrose After pinning The Miz, Ambrose states that after beating Triple H and clearing out Evolution there is nothing stopping him from going after Rollins. After the second match
"Ascension" Dolph Ziggler Ziggler celebrates his United States Championship win by heading into the crowd and hugs his father. After the fifth match
"The Best in the World will Return" CM Punk and Paul Heyman

Punk grabs a mic after Orton is ejected by guards and states his loss the previous night will not stop him from climbing the ladder back to the top of the WWE.

Heyman states he just needs a big win to get back on track and says he has a "Backup plan"

After the 7th Match
InVasion Jacob Cass, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Goldberg, Chris Benoit and David Benoit

During the final match of the night, as it looks like Cass is about to put Rollins away with a Stunner, former TNA stars rush into the ring and attack both wrestlers, putting them through tables.

Just as it looks like the TNA stars are about to put Cass through another table, former WCW stars Goldberg and the Benoits rush in but in a swerve they start beating on Rollins and Goldberg puts Cass through the table with a Jacknife.

During/After the main event

Major EventsEdit

  • Dolph Ziggler announces that since his contract ends in less than four months, he needs to win a title to keep his job.
  • AJ Styles, Chris Daniels and Bobby Roode show signs of a partnership.

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