WCW United States Champion Edge

Debut and Daimon RushEdit

Additude was signed to WWE in June 2011 and was sent to WWE's develpomental territory FCW and was promoted to the main roster in July 2011, he is set to make an on-screen debut after Destination Death PPV. At Destination Death Additude made his debut against The Miz in a losing effort but was given high praise by the fan for his effort. He would then attack Skullbuster sparking a feud between them, then at Vengence 2011, he would fight in a failing effort to Skull. On Halloween night, Monday Night Raw SuperShow, Additude would suffer yet another loss, this time to Justin Gabriel. Afterword Additude would form a team with Eddy Guerrero called Daimon Rush, and would join Team Vegeta against Team Goku at Survior Series. Additude would get his first win in WWE defeating Skullbuster with the help of Eddy and Tyson Kidd.

Feud with Eddy Guerrero and injuryEdit

After losing in the Royal Rumble, Additude would attack Eddy blaming him for all the losses and would start a feud with Eddy. After several matches against Eddy(in which Additude only won a No-Holds Barred Match and a Latino Heat Parking Lot Brawl thanks to luck and quick wits) Additude suffered a leg injury, he is expected to return in 3 - 4 months.

WWE announced on June 23, 2012 Additude was released from his contract.


additude 49



14th time champ

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