AJ Lee is a professional wrestler signed to WWE working on it's Raw brand. 



AJ would debut on WWE on Smackdown, starting a relationship with Daniel Bryan from November until April(Dawn of Destiny) where Daniel lost the World title and blamed it on AJ. After DoD, AJ would drafted to ECW. She would develop a relationship with Reall Estate and would win her ECW Extremettes championship at ECW Trip to Tokyo. She would later be named the Assistant GM of Raw by Edge. After Clash of the Champions, the WWE Board of Directors made AJ Lee the GM of Raw after Edge was fired due to his part in the Cass incident.In September Lee was named the Permanent GM of Raw and Smackdown. In October and November, she was married to AJ Styles, and was suspended from active authority after she started to support TNA. Instead she placed various Hall of Famers as interim GM's each week, starting with Stone Cold Steve Austin. In December 2012, AJ would be fired from her position of RAW GM after it was revealed she was fratinizing with Dolph Ziggler, and she would eventually become his manager.

Divas Division Revival (2014-Present)Edit

On the May 30th edition of Smackdown, Smackdown General Manager Mick Foley announced the revival of the Divas Division. Later that night, AJ Lee lost a triple threat match against Paige and Natalya to crown the Divas Champion. The next week on Smackdown AJ lost in the debut match of Emma, of which Paige was a guest commentator.

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